Hi, this is Manas and Anu… welcome to Dosti on Wheels.

Who said you have to be born into a clan of gypsies to satisfy your wanderlust? All you need is a curious mind and belief in humanity.  We (Manas and Anu) are two such individuals united by our gypsy hearts… and if you have reached this page, perhaps there’s a gypsy within you too!

Using our own resources, we embarked upon a long motorcycle trip. It panned-out over 100 days, across 18 countries and 40 cities. We started from Spain and closed at Turkey, passing through Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Czech, Slovakia, and Hungary as well as the Balkan states.

For us, travel is not about covering distances or driving from a place to another as fast as possible. It’s about being in a place – to feel it, hear it, taste its food and sniff its smells, to connect with people and share their lives. What we met on the road was a collage of moving experiences, kind people, enticing aromas of cuisines and a rich blend of cultures.

Through this website, we bring to you some special moments we experienced as we met new friends and explored a little more of this beautiful world.




The Theme: “Dosti On Wheels”

The desire to venture out, to bond with the unfamiliar, and to share our insights with a ‘Dost’ (friend / ami / freund / amigo / arkadas) are fundamental human urges. As a couple, we love to explore places and sample new experiences and we look forward to connect with like-minded people across geographies: friends bound by a common love for the road. Our project “Dosti On Wheels” is a step towards this aspiration.

The Ride and The Route

Dosti On Wheels, as we call our ride, begins in the port city of Valencia in Spain. We travel west, along the coast of Spain crossing picturesque villages and sun-kissed terrains until we reach the western tip of Europe- Portugal. After a brief halt, we head towards France and further into Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the scenic country of Liechtenstein. Our route takes us into Italy through the cobbled lanes of Rome… and then we follow the ancient pathways that lead into Eastern Europe.

We follow the road to Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Czechia where centuries of history, tradition and culture coexist with the trappings of modern influences. Dosti On Wheels thereafter head south into Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the adjoining nations until we reach the Aegean Sea in Greece. It is then time to head into Turkey for about a month and sample vast lands, its ancient culture and immaculate craftsmanship.  We returned back to Istanbul and finally packed our motorbike into a ship headed for Mumbai to conclude the 4-month odyssey.

Making our Motorcycle Tour-ready

Recently, the Ducati Scrambler Ikon joined our garage. It has a powerful set of wheels and the right attitude- and we embellished it further to suit the arduous journey ahead of us. We redesigned the seat and hand-crafted a set of metal brackets for our travel luggage; we reinforced the protection elements and fitted the enduro mudguard. With these modifications, the Scrambler became a perfectly transformed vehicle: comfortable for long rides and yet nimble enough for fun rides.

Read on for the details of our modifications

Seats: completely re-designed by us and fabricated locally- it now sports 120 density foam, lumbar support for the rider and raised pillion seat for improved road visibility. We also fabricated the seats to offer greater surface area for our glutes.

Panniers: we decided to design our personalized luggage system and sought the help of Zubin Ponapppa from Mumbai. The result was delightful along with its simplicity: a light metal frame that holds our baggage. Want to know about the pannier details and our luggage? Hear it from Zubin

  • Enduro Mud guard (off the rack)
  • Reinforced front fork protectors (off the rack)
  • Engine sliders (off the rack)

The Good Samaritans…

The world is indeed a fascinating place… When we step beyond the four walls (of our home or office) and set out to explore it, we see it ourselves: Angels do exist.

We will introduce you to such angels we meet on the road that takes us towards our destiny. These angels have helped us to plan out the whole trip and the beautiful experiences are their gift too. Meet our angels for yourself. Along the way we also received much help from friends who paved the path for Dosti On Wheels…hear their Lines Of Love.