A couple on two wheels… backed up by a team of passionate young people – that’s the secret behind Dosti On Wheels. Let us introduce you to the team.

Anuradha (aka Anu) has an intuitive ability to connect with people, academic grounding in humanities and a PhD in Philosophy. These have shaped her as an academic, a counsellor and a corporate trainer. In 2015 she was nominated for the prestigious “Bharat Jyoti Award” (translates into “Glory of India Award” whose past recipients include luminaries like St. Mother Teresa, cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, etc.). (Facebook, LinkedIn)



Manas has had a corporate career spanning nearly 20 years. Previously with Mercedes-Benz India as their General Manager, his recent assignment was in Oman as Chief of Marketing for a large business conglomerate with operations across the Middle East. (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Manas and Anu reside in the city of Pune, India. They are also fond of various water sports and martial arts.

Clockwise from left: Daniel, Vinay and Ashish
Clockwise from left: Anand, Vidisha and Maitreyee








Daniel Raghu: Hails from Siliguri in West Bengal. Is a gifted Photographer, Visual artist, Writer and Blogger- all rolled into one. Soft spoken, talented and passionate, he is impatient about food, sleep and anything else that comes between himself and his work. He holds charge of DostiOnWheels.com and from concept to execution has masterminded the site singlehandedly.


Ashish Abhale: trained to be an engineer but born to be a communicator, Ashish ideated on the creative aspects of the audio visual presentations besides pitching in for social media planning. An ideator and a thinker, Ashish thrives on creative challenges and a healthy dose of camaraderie.

Vinay Mhaske: He devours movies and of course was the obvious choice and most fitted to be our AV production expert. A Bachelor in Computer Applications, Vinay’s love for technology and software found its natural outcome in the film-making process for Dosti On Wheels. Recently under much work pressure, Vinay has taken to drinking heavily… warm milk that is.

Maitreyee Chaware: She believes in the magic of Harry Potter, is a state level Table Tennis player – but what defines Maitreyee is her penchant for everything connected with art and craft. She is social media savvy and now holds charge of the Fb and Insta accounts of Dosti On Wheels.

Vidisha Bagul: Meticulous, articulate and a gifted wordsmith, Vidisha loves to travel and write. It was but natural for Dosti On Wheels to team-up with her. The result of this collaboration gave shape to hours of great reading for fans of Dosti on Wheels.

Anand Borse: Soft spoken with a steady head on his shoulders, Anand has a ready smile and a helping hand when push comes to a shove. He is passionate about travel and is a writer and ideator. In a short while, he has earned the love and respect of the team for his efficiency as well as his never-say-die spirit.