1. Regional Transport Authority (RTO) Pune: Soft-spoken, incredibly efficient and yet humble officers: Mr. B. I. Ajri (RTO Pune) and Mr. Anil Pantoji have convinced us that where there is a will, there is a way. When they came to know our ride plan, they issued the Registration Certificate of our new motorbike within minutes, making an exception to the standard processing time. Armed with this certificate, we could initiate the documentation procedures for all other authorities. We cannot thank them enough for powering our journey so effectively!
  2. Western India Automobile Association: Mr. Nitin Dossa (Executive Chairman) and Ms. Ranjit Kaur Virk (Simran) redefined our perception of efficiency. They processed all necessary documentation for our motorbike Carnet literally within 24 hours: a record that will be hard to beat by any other organization, globally! Their years of experience, their network, and their useful advice proved invaluable to us throughout the ride planning.
  3. Ducati Infinity Mumbai:  Special thanks to Roald D’CostaGaurav Parikh, Sydney Dsouza and Amit Shete for the sales and service support. Their help in crating the bike for the long sea voyage has been terrific. We deeply appreciate your support guys!
  4. Ducati Bavaria Pune:  Thank you Thakur, Neil, Shivani, for all the support in preparing the Scrambler for its long voyage as well as for sourcing the accessories in time for the ride.
  5. Pawar Seats Pune: literally got our rear covered, translating our vision into a bespoke motorbike seat.
  6. Abhinay Dhole – A bundle of energy, a master of visualization and presentation as well as our guru for digital sharing plan.
  7. Architect Abhay Bhonsale: Young, dynamic and one of the fastest growing young architects of India, Abhay lavished his visualization and project management skills to ensure Dosti on Wheels gets off to a solid start.
  8. Azhar Sheikh: A photographer, a naturalist and an animal lover but above all, an incredibly humble and talented artist who helped us to create the DostiOnWheels photo bank.
  9. Hemang Shah: A man who knows a lot, shares everything and is our go-to person when we are in any kind of dilemma.
  10. Janis Matilda: Infectious smile and enthusiasm coupled with strong project management skills- Janis kept us buoyant in health and spirit through the preparation days.
  11. John (Diptiman) Dewan: Our online shopping guru and research facilitator for the ride, our brother was our constant support throughout the planning and execution of Dosti on Wheels.
  12. Madhavi Reddy: The Head of Media Studies Department at Pune University, Prof. Reddy not just opened the doors of her department for us but also supported us with dollops of encouragement time to time.
  13. Niraj Godbole & Amit Magar: Soft spoken, efficient and an incredible multi-tasker, Niraj and his buddy Amit Magar finally ideated the logo for Dosti On Wheels. These two young entrepreneurs now manage their own advertising agency ThinkingPartners; they have a robust and rapidly growing list of clientele in the region. Niraj and Amit… thank you guys for your efforts and support!
  14. Rachit Hirani: Prolific motoring scribe and head of MotorOctane, Rachit has been the digital expert and main driver behind Dosti On Wheels website – its look and feel as well as technical competencies. Thank you Rachit!
  15. Radhika Patwardhan Jadhav: Philosopher, friend and the lady who loaned us her laptop for weeks so we could double our pace.
  16. Shankar Ganeshan: The man who knows much, shares with all his heart and has been a constant support in any aspect where we felt we needed advice or help – that’s Shankar for you. We are privileged to have a friend like this gentleman! An avid traveller himself, Shankar is the founder of TRLT (The Road Less Travelled).
  17. Swapnil and Sweety Deshmukh: This highly talented couple run their design firm 3dSilverline and have been our advisor in matters related to different aspects of logo design, content and technical advice. Thank you very much Sweety and Swapnil for your thoughtfulness.
  18. Twinkle (Debalina) Choudhury: Creative, passionate and loving, Twinkle has been our constant pillar throughout the plan- managing and supporting most of the aspects of the ride planning.
  19. Vishram Dhole: Our friend, ideation partner and an amazing mentor for the students who supported the DostiOnWHeels project as part of their internship project.