To Explore this beautiful earth, to Experience nature in the raw, to Bond with strangers across diverse corners of this planet- these were our dreams.

We put a pause to our careers and embraced the long road, traveling 18 countries on our motorbike over 4 months… and it changed the way we look at the world today.

‘Dear Journey’ is a book about the spirit of wanderlust and inner transformation. It is a collection of two novellas:

  • ‘Dear Journey: Freewheeling’ a compilation of 25 mood pieces- humorous, turbulent and reflective memoirs anchored in the spirit of the Gypsy Life
  • ‘Dear Journey Within’ is a collection of 25 Fables for Grownups- abstracted lessons from the road and the book of life

Dr. Anuradha and Manas Dewan put a pause to their corporate careers to embrace the Gypsy Life. Using their own resources, the couple embarked upon a journey of exploration and self-discovery.

Passionate curiosity can indeed replace the fear of the unknown, as they found-out.

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