The Art of Breaking Free

There are moments when life speaks to you- sometimes through the haze of an ancient dream, and sometimes through a little bookmark that finds its way back from a long forgotten past. Those are moments when an inner world whispers, and hopes against hope… that you will unlock the doors to the alternate reality. Reality is not just what we experience within the four walls of our home or workplace… there is a bigger world out there if we are willing to trust providence. I trusted. I took a step. What I experienced was a ‘Dear Journey’.

How does it feel when the dust of the road claims your soul? In pithy, lucid narratives, Manas Dewan describes the art of casting away from the familiar world and plunging headfirst into the unknown. ‘Dear Journey’ is a collection of two novellas set in the spirit of Dionysian exploration.

An unputdownable study for anyone who has the spirit of the gypsy within, brace yourself to experience the euphoria, the turbulence and deeper transformation that accompanies life along the open road in ‘Dear Journey: Freewheeling’.

Parables and metaphors communicate with our deeper selves- often better than concrete language. In this collection of ‘Fables for Grownups’, Manas Dewan guides the reader into the wilderness where fantastic creatures and magical experiences reveal deeper meanings for the intrepid traveller. ‘Dear Journey Within’ is poetic in style and mystic in its appeal.

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