The Curious Duo

Know more about Anu and Manas

“As people, we are very different and yet very similar” Manas reflects about his relationship with his wife of nearly two-decades. Seated next to him, Anu quips “We were sweethearts since we were almost young, we married early, and we matured together. I guess it enabled us to nurture our common passions and yet, retain our individuality.”

Not only is this couple united by their gypsy heart, their common interests extend to diverse areas from martial arts, adventure sports and yoga to books, music and culinary appreciation. “To live in grace and to seek tranquillity and harmony- I guess that is really all we aspire for” says Manas about their couple goals.

Anu (Dr. Anuradha Bhonsale Dewan) holds a PhD in Philosophy (Pune University) and is the founder of Tulip Consultants a boutique organization offering customized training and consultancy services. Associated with renowned corporate brands as a training consultant, Anu is a life coach and has mentored several industry leaders. Her program ‘The Philosophy of Good Life’ is the first such course in applied philosophy- and is now being replicated by various institutions across India. As a recognition of her efforts to inspire the Indian youth, she was nominated for the prestigious “Bharat Jyoti Award” whose past recipients include luminaries like St. Mother Teresa, cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, etc.

Manas Dewan is a corporate veteran with two decades of full-time experience leading global brands in India, Middle East and Germany. A specialist in Brand Management, Digital Strategy and Marketing-Communications, Manas was additionally the Head for Corporate Strategy, Product Planning, and Business Intelligence with top global brands across diverse categories like Luxury Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Insurance, Petrochemicals, etc. In his early career, Manas was also a journalist, a photographer and an ad-man all rolled into one.

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